Hello! I am Patrick. I am a full stack developer. I enjoy when well written code is indented by spaces, also like to swim.

Highlighted Competences


I created various database instances using sqitch for workflow to better allow databases to support deployment, rollback and testing


Created various workflows using ansible to manage different servers, and handle dependencies.


Wrote various psql both for tables, and backends. Also working with TimeScale and PostGis.

Geospatial Data Abstraction Library

Used GDAL for writing services

Maven & Java

Experience with Hibernate, data streaming and API creation.


Kafka is generally used for data streaming in combination with various other technologies.

Gitlab & Pipelines

Gitlab has various features, such as creating workflows using yaml pipelines, which I have used a lot.


I have used Django since 2015 and have since then used it for various projects, both with django as frontend, and API only.

Kubernetes & Rancher

I have used k8s(kubernetes) with docker, podman, NodePort and deployed various projects using Rancher.

Apache Airflow

I have used airflow to write various routines for different pursposes.

Bootstrap Studio

Using a combination of relevant backend frameworks and Bootstrap Studio I can produce prototypes in a few days.


I have used TensorFlow both and university and at work to learn patterns in data and predict data based on those patterns discovered.

ASSORTED Competences


Made various changes to react applications to achieve required functionality.

Quantum GIS

QGIS, is a geographic information system software that is free and open-source

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